Announcing The Camp Run a Muck 2022 schedule!

Announcing the Camp Run A Muck Telluride Town Park Schedule for 2022

Monday: Town Park Singer Songwriter
4:00-5:00 AND 6:00-7:00

Tuesday: Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party

Wednesday: Pretend Friend and Shaky Hand String Band (double bill)

Thursday: High Country Hustle
After the mainstage closes - so probably 10:30? Official time TBA after the full mainstage schedule is announced complete with times.

A few Notes:

Hooch and I have had many discussions with members of our camp these last few years and we’ve decided to scale back on how many events and shows we produce each year. In the past, we’ve had shows essentially every night and it took a toll on us. We’re hoping to be able to enjoy more down time this year. Well, not so much down time as time to take our patented brands of debauchery to your camps to hang out with all you lovely people. So consider that a warning. We also don’t want to hog all the good event times. In the past, we’ve run events damn near every day, and sometimes twice a day. Which has limited when other camps could host their own events. We’ve decided on two nights of music. We still want to be able to showcase as many bands as possible, so we’re going to be hosting a double bill on Wednesday. This also opens up more space for good old, old fashioned, picking circles.

The Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party is going to be just that. A Party. If other folks feel the need for a more somber, quieter event, we encourage you to host one. But that wasn’t what Hippie trained me to do. And, quite frankly, it’s not really Run a Muck’s style. This will be a wild and raucous event paying tribute to a great friend and celebrating his life. Bring an instrument. Bring a drink. Bring some weed. Bring whatever you feel you need to bring to celebrate Hippie Jerry.

We’re also retooling the Singer Songwriter event. In previous years, we’ve felt it has been too long of an event. As such, this year, we’ve decided to split it up into two different hours with a break in the middle so people can have a bite to eat, refill their beverages, mingle, and do whatever else festivarians can get up to in an hour. We’ll have a different lineup of songwriters for each hour. Come for one or for both. Bring your own chair for this event as we definitely don’t have enough for everyone.

Finally, I’ve got a list of bands from the contest who would still love to play in Town Park. I know Camp Crossroads is looking for a band for Tropical Tuesday and I’m going to be helping them in their search. If your camp would like to host a band during one of your events or even put on your own nightgrass show Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Y’all deserve a break after the insane schedules you’ve put on over the years.

I am PUMPED! Thanks for organizing all of this.

In regards to taking some time off… go on and SPREAD THAT DEBAUCHERY!!! :evil :evil :evil :wink:

Sugar, can you shoot me a list of bands looking to play in TP? May be interested in hosting at our camp (Camp Slow Down) in primitive.

This is awesome! :thumbsup

I can’t wait for everyone to see Pretend Friend. I’m certain they’ll be moving up festival ranks in the coming years. We’ve caught them a few times this year. And, have them booked for our festival in the fall.

Looking forward to time spent in RAM, and looking forward seeing you RAM’rs out in the wild!

A further note on the Hippie Jerry Memorial Picking Party and general celebrations of Hippie.

Hippie touched a lot of lives and left a giant legacy. We know that he is loved and missed by many. Hooch and I appreciated all of the mementos and photos and everything else people brought to us in Run a Muck in 2019. We understand they all came from a place of love. But we’re going to ask that you check with us before bringing us anything this year. It simply got to be a lot of items that we had to keep track of and find places for and became a bit overwhelming.

This should be epic, I will be there.