An ABGATERS ...Thank you ....

After not being able to attend last cause we closed on our new house …
My Trip was very unsure …because I missed the year that all the rules changed !
First of all Thanks to Claire, Walt , Jay …for organizing the Maddnest …you guys freaking Rocking
and The Respect that was paid to all the Camps was beyound my Hopes
we sold out Town Park by 12:30 !
With all the Camps together we managed to turn most of the extra TP tickets and even a couple more
Vehicle Passes…
You Guys saw me running all over the place … I Blame it on ADHD …but we got All the Family Covered !
The Only thing that stopped me was the “AppleShine” and The Bottle of Patron …Thanks Guys !!!
and thanks to The “Boys” for escorting me back to my Tent and taking off my Boots …LOL