Alta Questions

Hey all. My wife and I vacationed to Telluride last August and one of the awesome discoveries we made was the ghost town of Alta. The road up was a little harrowing in our Sonata, but very passable. Only the slightest of close calls when a pickup hauling a camper came barreling down at us around a hairpin turn. :eek

I want to show this spot off to my friend pre fest this year, but I read a couple reports of that road being snowed over that time of year. Is the road up to Alta typically passable by mid June, or could we run into snow?

Another question - last August, we didn’t go past the ghost town into the lakes, and I’d like to check it out this year. But I’ve read that you have to be in a 4x4 to go any further than the ghost town. Is that accurate, or could my 2011 Sonata make it?

Great questions! I’m also interested in this

I can’t recall when the road is passable, but it typically depends upon the amount of snow during the year and how warm it gets in the spring. My guess is that it’s be mostly passable, with the exception of a few shady aspects where you’ll find remnants of snow. You could always call any of the Jeeping outfits in town to see what they say as it gets closer.

I’ve made it up to the lakes in my old '98 outback … probably around 7" of clearance. It’s not too bad, but there are a few suspect spots (that sweeping right hand turn at the ghost town).

I’ve routinely made it up there pre-fest, even when we were in a Subaru. I have even been able to make it up the road to the upper lakes…although the highest lake requires some hiking/post-holing

FWIW, we’ve gone up to the lakes a couple times post-fest in our '04 Pilot. Full load, with no trouble. Nothing like letting the kids have a snowball fight in summer.