(ALSO) New for 2022: Barbosa's Barbeque Sunday BBQ

Welllllll howdy there meat lovers! :wave

Yesssss, that’s right. The rumors are true. Camp Slow Down x Barbosa’s Barbeque (Denver, CO) will be bringin’ the good stuff to Town Park.

We will bring: pulled pork shoulder sandwiches w/ herbed slaw + house pickled red onion + Barbosa’s spicy gold BBQ sauce.
Y’all should bing: an appetite, plate, utensils, napkins, & your own side (for yourself or to share amongst festivarians)

Meat slingin’ to commence at HIGH noon on Sunday June 12th & we will go until the meats gone, I’m GONE :lol, or 2PM! Whichever one comes first.

We will either be hosting from our camp (immediately inside primitive) or at the bathhouse or waterfall. AKA location TBA.

I’m sure I won’t be in great shape Sunday AM waking up after the first official night w/ folks in TP, but this oughta get everyone moving and primed for a nice Sunday before Goddess Walk.


The food game is strong!

Been getting better each year!! :medal

ahh this is so cool! Thanks Alex! Looking forward to it. :cheers

So grateful for the delish dishes!
No room for a big kitchen so I 'll bring extra cash to contribute.
I have not started one pile and Im on call this weekend.
Why oh why!!!