Also looking for ride from DIA on Sunday

Hi folks,

Don’t remember exactly how long it’s been (3 years?) but I’m looking forward to coming back to Song School and Folks Fest! My ride from the airport fell through, so I’m hoping someone will see this. I arrive on JetBlue at 12:14pm on Sunday at DIA, Estes Park Shuttle is full, the other two shuttles no longer exist. I just called PB to let them know. :eek

If you can give me a ride (and maybe the new person from Denmark?) that would be fab. My cell is 857-540-1183.

Charlene DiCalogero
“Dark and witty acoustica” (in case you don’t remember what I look like :wink:

HI Charlene,

I just showed up at DIA today and went to the Super Shuttle desk and they set me up with my own shuttle for $58. 45 min. wait. So you should have no problem.

See you there!