All TBF wristbands have been shipped as Monday 5/22

They will be arriving via the US Postal Service.



Got mine! Woohoo! It’s almost here!

My tracking number shows that it’s waiting for the parcel to be dropped off at USPS for shipping. Is that expected?

@BluegrassGeoff might have insight

@Navy2760 if Geoff doesn’t get back to you in this thread, call Planet Bluegrass tomorrow to inquire (800) 624-2422

Don’t worry though. If your wristbands don’t show up before you leave, PB can replace them at the box office. You’ll need your ID and the last 4 digits of the card you purchased them with (which you can find in seetickets if you don’t recall).

Good luck!

I’ve had mine for a week now. Hope yours show up soon. It’s getting close now!

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Hey @Navy2760, not sure what that means exactly. I would call and or email See Tickets customer service and ask them what they know.
But like culas said, we can issue you new ones onsite if necessary.
See you soon,

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