All Hail Sammy Bush!

From Sam’s MySpace:

For޲޲ Imm޲޲ed޲i޲a޲te޲޲ Rel޲޲ea޲s޲e޲, March 18th, 2008 ~ Sam޲޲ Bus޲޲h was޲޲ hon޲޲or޲e޲d޲ yes޲޲te޲r޲d޲ay޲޲ wit޲޲h a res޲޲ol޲u޲t޲io޲޲n fro޲޲m the޲޲ Com޲޲mo޲n޲w޲ea޲޲lth޲޲ of Ken޲޲tu޲c޲k޲y for޲޲ his޲޲ con޲޲tr޲i޲b޲ut޲޲ion޲޲s to New޲޲ Gra޲޲ss޲ mus޲޲ic޲.޲ Sam޲޲ per޲޲fo޲r޲m޲ed޲޲ two޲޲ son޲޲gs޲ on the޲޲ sen޲޲at޲e޲ flo޲޲or޲ in Fra޲޲nk޲f޲o޲rt޲޲ and޲޲ was޲޲ rec޲޲og޲n޲i޲ze޲޲d for޲޲ his޲޲ con޲޲tr޲i޲b޲ut޲޲ion޲޲s as an in-޲޲de޲m޲a޲nd޲޲ stu޲޲di޲o޲ mus޲޲ic޲i޲a޲n,޲޲ and޲޲ for޲޲ bei޲޲ng޲ an int޲޲eg޲r޲a޲l mem޲޲be޲r޲ of the޲޲ inf޲޲lu޲e޲n޲ti޲޲al ban޲޲ds޲ Blu޲޲eg޲r޲a޲ss޲޲ All޲޲ia޲n޲c޲e and޲޲ New޲޲ Gra޲޲ss޲ Rev޲޲iv޲a޲l޲. Sam޲޲ is a mem޲޲be޲r޲ of the޲޲ Ken޲޲tu޲c޲k޲y Mus޲޲ic޲ Hal޲޲l of Fam޲޲e.޲

For޲ pho޲tos޲… go to SamBush. com

Since the formatting was all messed up on a normal copy/paste, here’s an easier to read version. :flower

For Immediate Release, March 18th, 2008 ~ Sam Bush was honored yesterday with a resolution from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for his contributions to New Grass music. Sam performed two songs on the senate floor in Frankfort and was recognized for his contributions as an in-demand studio musician, and for being an integral member of the influential bands Bluegrass Alliance and New Grass Revival. Sam is a member of the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.

For photo’s go to

Yeah, what was up with the formatting problems? It took me like 3 tries to get it that good and then I just gave up. Stupid internet…always messing up my copy/pastes.

It’s a MySpace thing! :mad
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Which is easier (to read)? Going through all that, or not posting the information at all? :wink:

I can’t remember now what we are even talking about. Were we talking about beer? Because I want to talk about beer. Actually talk about it and drink it at the same time.

Hooch, have beer! Tom, have a beer. :cheers

GO SAMMY!!! :thumbsup

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:horsey :horsey :horsey Do you think Sammy has a favorite for the Kentucky Derby, :sunshine :horsey?