After TBF?

Hi All,
We will be coming down from Breck for our first festival this year. We plan to spend a few extra days afterwards checking out the San Juans. Wondering if any of you have suggestions for must-do/ must see in the area.


My suggestion would be to come before the fest starts when the campgrounds open. So much going on the week before bluegrass. And so many killer trails to hike, bike, 4x4 right from town. You could spend a full week just exploring trails you wouldn’t have to drive to. Bring a bicycle, preferably a MTN Bike, unless your a hard core roadie. I plan on doing the Via Ferrata in Telluride this year, just got all my gear, look into that if you aren’t afraid of heights. Plenty of great outfitters and guides in T-Ride to point you in whatever direction your interests lie.

The Via Ferrata! How did I not think of this?! Thanks for the input Todd.

In the Telluride forum threads theres one about the Ferrata, I assume as it gets closer we’ll pick a date and time and a group of us from TP will all be going, sounds like a few in costume! Chime in there if your interested and can be in town by monday. I’m guess we’ll go on a morning monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.