After land rush and set up, what is there to do Saturday night??

You can always get your pre-groove on to Shakedown Street!!! They are playing at the Conference Center Saturday June 16th! GREAT Dead cover band - should be lots of fun!!!

Here’s the details:


(btw - still looking for some Warner Fields and 1 Yonder Sheridan ticket!! I have trades!!!)

Yeah, they canceled their end of the season show @ the conference center on 4/7 … they must have rescheduled.

I haven’t seen them in a while, but always have fun. Last time was a couple years ago in Paonia with Melvin Seals sitting in.

Really Melvin :flower I wonder if he will show up :medal :medal

I doubt it … since it was for a mini-tour back then, but we can always hope!

(Melvin sat in the booth behind me @ a pizza place across from the venue in Paonia before the show.)

This might be the first concert at the conference center since yonder played on the wed before bluegrass last year … no personal disrespect to the promoters of that venue, but that’s kind of depressing given that Belly Up in Aspen has a steady stream of top notch talent which the conference center could easily accommodate and draw for some of those acts throughout the year

Perhaps Planet Bluegrass would like to buy out their contract? :wink:

Nice! I haven’t seen these guys in a LONG time!
I couldn’t find any info on tix though.

I couldn’t find ticket info either, but I’m still excited they are playing that night!! I saw them last summer at the Realm Fest in State Bridge - it was a GOOD time!!!