Advice on tarp run for pop up family tent

Hi everyone!
This year will be my first time going with the whole family and I’m wondering any and all info and advice regarding getting a number then I before, lining up that morning, and somehow making a mad dash to try to get a good spot for a pop-up tent for our kiddos!
Many things in advance for any suggestions!

Get a number the night before. Have your best number run a tarp in to your spot. Have the next best number pull your ez up in. Set up. Rinse and repeat. Enjoy festival!


Thank you! What time and where do I get the number the night before?

The numbers are handed out the night before around midnight. You’ll see everyone lined up at the main walk in entrance and at midnight you’ll file thru and get a random number.

If that sounds crazy, remember that it’s WAY better than how they used to do it.

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Thank you!!
Do I need to show up right at midnight or earlier? How long does it all take?

You can show up at midnight, but there will already be a line formed. If you show up earlier you will just be further up in line. It is totally random and goes quickly once they start handing the numbers out.

Thank you!
Is there a tarp size limitation?

If we don’t do the tarp run number and just wait in regular line right at 10am…will we be able to still get a spot for a tarp or pop up?

The sleepy mom

Yes, but you will most likely not have a view of the stage.