advice for town park camping

I got myself a town park camping pass, but I am unsure about how camping space is divided up? Are there certain areas for people looking for 24/7 party, or chill atmosphere, or for families?

Thanks for the help

There aren’t any “designated” areas for partying or families.
You’ll just have to ask your prospective neighbors if it’s the place you want to be. :flower
There are the veteran camps that have jam sessions, but they’re scattered about, so if you’ve never been there you won’t know where they are. :eek

People are friendly and if you ask around they’re likely to point you where you’ll be happy. :cheers

The “primitive” camping area, across the river, which is tents only, is often fairly chill, since the campsites are pretty spread out. However, a full-on raging party in the primitive area is to be expected here and there, from time to time.

Families will probably prefer to camp closer to the bathrooms, but in those areas the campsites are more dense, so the likelihood of noisy fun in those areas is a bit higher. But still, it’s fun.

The Bear Creek preserve is fairly wide open 24/7 partying once the festival starts, but there are quiet areas in the aspen groves on the east side.

For the most part, all the late night noises you’ll hear in Town Park are happy noises, although they might not really lull you to sleep :slight_smile:


Two Words…


Auntie Hope :pickin

One word:


Loud obnoxious noises will wake you at any odd hour of the day or night, just remember they are exressed with good intentions and trying to honor the neighbors.

There was this early morning trumpet rendition of Colorado Rocky mt high, from a certain hippie that might be an exception, but that is a whole nuther story. :flower

Any campsite along the creek will provide enough white noise to keep the extreme partiers at bay.


Become one with the random shouting of FESTIVAAAAAALLLLL and you will do just fine.

Bevin’s description is right on! So sorry I missed the morning rendition of whatever that crazy hippie was singing, or maybe I’m not sorry. :lol


There are many crazy singing hippies. They’re the BEST!

SFperk just which side of this are you on?

Best option is to camp near the river and hear that. Ear plugs are a good idea too. Prepare for rain, bright sunshine, torrential winds, and maybe even a snowstorm. Bring a propane heater and an extra tarp.

Cheers from Tahoe

And mud. It’s been plenty wet of late, and some think the mud season may continue past its normal point

Ah, everything goes better with mud. In the showers, johns, tents. I don’t mean to be a jinx but it seems we have had a long streak of fair weather festivals. Wasn’t String Cheese fun?
Life is great, people are great, , , ,.

any town park camping layout available? whats in, whats out?

when referring to camping creek side are you referring to bear creek?

Here’s one of the Campground area and another of the Entire Town Park. :flower

And the 2008 Campground Brochure.

awesome, thanks Tom.

i thought i would create a new google map to share.

Howdy all,

It’ll be my first telluride fest and things just fell into place for it to happen so I’m super stoked. I’ve been reading around on the boards but just had a couple questions to clarify. I have two town park passes and no vehicle pass. I’ll be leaving from Seattle sometime the week before the fest and slowly making my way to Telluride, had planned to arrive Wed. From what I’ve read on the boards, it sounds like TP camping is pretty full by then and I know the town is blocked off to cars by that point. My question is, will I be able to drive my car in to the campground to unload or will I have to carry gear from wherever I’m able to park my car? (apparently Carhenge if early enough, but it sounds like by Wed. this lot is full, so most likely Mountain Valley) Also, should I speed up my plans to get to Telluride by at least Tues? Trying to get some time in Yellowstone and the Tetons b/w Seattle and Telluride. Thanks for any info. I can’t wait.


I think I found Telluride Tom’s answer to my question in another thread. Seems like there shouldn’t be a problem driving the car in to unload and then wherever I’m parked after that doesn’t matter much. Very nice.

Looking forward to meeting you folk.

Welcome Ozzie! Woo hoo for scoring TP tix! Looking forward to meeting ya!!

I may be a little biased, I’m sure the Grand Tetons are grand however, for me, the incredible experience of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival starts the day I arrive, June 7th. There are a lot of activities that happen before the festival in Town Park. My friends that have just come in for the festival and camped with me have felt that they missed something even though they still had a fabulous time. So do what you must, but know that there’s always something going on. You should check the thread on pre-fest activities schedule and you’ll see what I mean. No matter when you arrive, you’ll be glad to be there.

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