Advice for a newbie/What to expect

I’m taking myself on a little vacation which now include attending this festival. I got a very late start in planning. This was a very spur of the moment decision and I cannot wait! So, as of right now it’s just me and a tent arriving on Thursday evening to the Meadowlark(?) campground. What can I expect, besides completely enjoying myself?
Will I be able to drive in to the campsite to set-up, even though I am only staying in the tent location?
What kind of lighting/set-up can I expect?
Is it realistic to think I can use the shower/bath house or should I bring a portable?re there toilets/port-a-pots at this campground?
Will I be able to get ice to my tent easily, or should I skip the cooler?
I’m a pretty independent chick, done a lot of things on my own, am I crazy to think this is something I can really do?: )
Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait!

First off if you truly meant to post this in the Folks Fest forum which occurs Aug 15-17 then you have plenty of time. However even if you are referring to Rocky Grass this weekend that is doable as well. I will answer for both Festivals as they are relatively the same as far as set up.

Coming by your self is a great idea and can be enjoyable whether or not you want to spend time alone or find a group. People are very welcoming. I went to Telluride Bluegrass solo and it was an awesome experience.

Arriving at Meadow Park Thursday should be fine. There will be some where to set up your tent meet your neighbors and dig in to festival. You can drive in to the campsite to drop your things off but will need to park at Bohn for the duration of the festival.

Any lighting/set up would be brought in by you or those around you. Bring a headlamp and you’ll have no issues.

Because of the flood you will need to go onsite to Planet Bluegrass to shower. I have never done this as my dad lives in Lyons but I think it is a very reasonable way to go. There will be plenty of port o potties in Meadow Park.

The fire department comes through camp selling ice, so that is no issue.

We have a big group in Meadow Park and you would be welcome to join that if you like, otherwise I am sure you will find you way.

You said it all with this line…What can I expect, besides completely enjoying myself? That is it!

Have Fun!
Nate Grant

It’s a short walk from the campground to the general store in town that sells ice (and food and other stuff), so definitely bring a cooler. First-timers are required to provide beer to veteran festivarians. (Just kidding!)

Thanks for the input! Ha! Riiiight! Hey, who’s the new kid anyway? :wink: This isn’t my first festival ever…just my first Folks Fest!! Glad there will be some good spirited folks around! Seriously! Thanks ya’ll! Totally looking forward to this getaway!