Act, text Lyons to Lift FF PBfarm Camping Restrictions

Good morning :sunrise_over_mountains: PB informed us that PBfarm camping restrictions during Folk Festival are imposed by the city of Lyons. You can text/chat with the City of Lyons at
We wrote: We enjoy coming up to the Rockygrass and Folk Music Festivals in Lyons. It has come to our attention that Planetbluegrass is restricted from having small campers at PB Farm for the Folk Festival. What is behind that restriction? There’s quite a demand for older festivarians who are past their tenting years to have a close place to bring their small camper or trailer. Boomers have money to spend in your town also. Limiting accessibility for those who can’t or won’t tent is bad for business. Is it possible to change this policy? The policy appears to be ageism, enacting policies that affect a specific age group adversely. Please respond. Thank you.