Accessability of festival

it’s a shame that the event coordination for rockygrass could not choose a site to allow more to attend this festival, especially with so many performers coming from out of town. Seems like unless you manage to get tickets months in advance, you are left to attempt highest bidder on craigs list.

Well, you see part of the reason this festival sells out way in advance is that it is such a fantastic venue. I mean a really fantastic venue. Also they did release some extra tickets a couple of days ago.

Now if anyone was price gouging on craigslist that would be just wrong and evil but a quick look reveals quite a few tickets below face value so I’m not sure what you are complaining about.

Maybe you are kidding?

Go to the festival. You will have a great time.

I like it for just the reason you don’t. It is small, most people are from Boulder or Denver or somewhere in Colorado, and the St. Vrain running by the stage makes for a great escape from the heat. Personally, I prefer Rockygrass over Telluride. Telluride is stunning and all but Lyons is an affordable, funky little town. Usually Rockygrass seems to provide for more traditional bluegrass also.

does anyone know if any of the bands are going to be playing in town?..say, maybe, somewhere you could kick it up?

I think Spring Creek is playing tonight at Oskar Blues. They are great!

I’ll also add that Planet Bluegrass “chose” the venue when Craig bought it 15 or so years ago. It’s home to Craig and our offices year-round.

I’m sorry, NCO, but I have to respectfully disagree. One reason (of many)
I love Rockygrass is because of its smaller size (3500). I’ve been
to much larger events back east; and the larger the event, the more
tribulations you will deal with, plain and simple.

For example, I’ve attended two Gatherings Of The Vibes (2000 & 2002), and
the amount of bullshit I dealt with the first GOTV alone was far greater than
anything I’ve dealt with at Planet Bluegrass. From waiting long hours in line after
the festival started to x-wacked bozos who are ignorant of etiquette
and consideration for others’ space to a riff-raff element to piss-poor
disorganization. At that first GOTV, I arrived very early afternoon, and
with all the parking problems and disorganization, guess what time I
had my tent up by? 10:00 PM!!! For me, that was totally unacceptable.

Most Festivarians also know to save up the $$$ to buy the tickets
after Thanksgiving, along with the onsite lottery and etc. The lotteries
are simply a result of the increasing demand – from onsite camping
to the nightly numbers.

Well Said JJ! The venue IS the attraction.

We had two friends without tickets who really wanted to go for a day. I worked the message board and this forum and got them both tickets sunday morning.

So (like my mom says), put your big boy pants on and get yourself some tickets!

I got my tickets through this board (thanks Miliisa!), many tickets went back on sale the week of the festival, and it was a complete buyer’s market for tickets on ‘game day’.

Perfect venue, perfect size, maybe not the right time of year though (either scorching or monsooning, why not swap late June with Telluride?).

I have always wondered this also. RG is always great, but the heat can be oppressive. It seems like switching the dates of Telluride and RG would be a logical thing to do, but I’m guessing there are reasons for this not happening. Does anyone know?

The reasons for not switching them would be mainly the tradition of having the Telluride Festival in June around the solstice and the fact that there are different festivals pretty much every weekend in Telluride throughout the summer.

My 2 Cents
the only “Gaithering” Deb and I have,at the ranch,
attended was Mabon …we both fell in love with the property
there is a very spritual feeling there
The First point is this is Craigs Home …
Second … This is Craigs Home …
So we all are guest
treat it as so …

Wow! Same sentiments as most - I think it would be a shame if RG were any larger. Plus where else can you see awesome music and tube or sit in cool mountain water at the same time? I love RG just where it is! We have never ever had probs getting tickets, because every year we know that we will cancel everything else and go and we stay ontop of the website. Have you ever considered volunteering? My husband does it every year and it is a sure way to know you’re getting in! :flower

Ditto to others sentiments. I have only been to the Ranch twice, but it is an amazing place to be. To hear music, to enjoy the crowd, the river.
I would hate for it to move or to be any larger.
I’ve gotten tickets, I planned in advance.
I don’t line up for numbers, but I always get a nice spot- it may not be in front of the stage, but it’s just fine.
I love this place.