Access to picking?

Let’s say I can’t beg/borrow or steal an on-site camp pass and I stay either in town or one of the other sites, will I be able to get into the on-site camping area to join the sessions or are these wrist banded like Town Park at TBF?

RG is not like town park to the best of my knowledge, As long as you have a wristband for the festival you are welcome to the onsite area…Feel free to come on in to pick… :cheers :thumbsup

Actually, you do need the onsite camping pass to access the onsite campground.

there is PLENTY of pickin’ going on in the other campgrounds as well, however.

Thanks Dustin, I’d better start looking for an on-site then. :slight_smile:

ooops, my bad Dustin :frowning: … in years past I’ve allways seen people from other camps in the onsite area…does that also mean if you have a onsite pass you can’t go and pick at meadow park?.. If that is so, I’ve been a bad boy :eek

My experience has been those with an onsite wrist band, can get into Meadow park, but those with a meadow park wrist band, cannot get into the onsite camping area.