Academy resale?

Does anyone know how resales for Academy are being handled with See’s?

Hey Paul, I don’t…did you not succeed, if not, what class are you looking for?

Hey Billy! The WiFi in my building went out just a couple numbers before I got in on my laptop. My desktop was 200 places back and all the instrument building was sold out by then. I’m trying to get any instrument building or perhaps a beginner mando.

I am looking for 1 - 2022 RockyGrass Academy spot for Intermediate Banjo for my brother.
It was to be his Christmas gift and I screwed up the dates and had to work on the 13th.
If anyone has such a spot available (or suggestions to get a spot), please contact me immediately and I will purchase this.

Thank you,
(770) 778-3739

There is a new category for anyone looking for an Academy pass. Please post here so that you have a chance of getting an Academy pass: RockyGrass Academy Ticket Exchange / Swap