Academy mailing list

while at academy we were told we would receive the lists of all attendees with e-mail addresses. i sure would like to get in touch with some of the people i met while there. does anyone know when we might receive that list?

Last year it was sent via email just a few days after the end of the academy, keep checking your inbox…

I will so look forward to that…I had an absolutely lovely time!!! I thank all of you for the meeting/greeting/playing :slight_smile:
I’ll be back next year!

~Jessica (the whistle player…blingggg!)

Anybody received this yet?
I am still anxiously waiting… :slight_smile:

Wonderful Micky! I would love it if you would send. I seem to be having troubel receiving email from the planet. Thanks so much?

How is that new baby mando doing?


Thanks Micky!

My email is

Getting ready to pick up 1 of our RockyGrass Mandos to try to make musuc with it this evening.