Academy Lottery

I know some of you are wondering about the upcoming Academy lottery starting next week. I wanted to let everyone know as in past years we will announce an initial lineup of instructors on Monday morning with more announcements during the week. It’s tough to confirm everyone this early, but we’re doing our best and we have some exciting additions that hopefully will come to fruition.

We’ve also made a few changes and clarifications to our guest policy. Feel free to check out the FAQ link on the Academy homepage.

I wish you all good luck in the lottery and hopefully we can accommodate most everyone.


I think it is odd that if you attend the academy and get an onsite camping permit for the festival, your spouse (that doesn’t want to attend the academy or hang around as a guest for three days) cannot join you in your onsite tent for the festival unless they happen to win the lotto for onsite camping for the festival. I think it is a policy which should be changed. It isn’t reasonable to expect an academy student to pack up their campsite and move it to an offsite campground when the academy ends and the festival starts.

Scott, presently we haven’t extended the right to procure camping passes for friends who aren’t also your guest at the Academy. So it’s basically a two step process for you and your RG guest. 1. You play the Academy lottery. 2. You play the RockyGrass on site camping lottery. Sorry there’s not a more eloquent precedure but that seems like the fairest way to deal with RockyGrass camping passes and demand.

Looking at my checking account, it looks like I’m in. Exciting! This will be my first RGA… :thumbsup :wave


I’m in too! Yippee! Now I can become a trained :cheers"dancin’ fool"!

Unbelievable! Academy for the second year in a row with guest pass for my honey and kids camp for my kids AND a vehicle pass! Wahooooo!!!

Woohoo!!! I finally got into RGA for intermediate banjo - sweet! I am super-stoked!

Oh… I am feeling very desperate for a guest pass. Two family members got into RGA with an additional kids camp (3rd family member) and now Mom can’t come as guest to be camp cook, etc… Our guest pass component of one of our lotto applications did not appear to get approved. I thought either your application was accepted as a whole or not. Pleading for guest pass, as this arrangement is going to make camping for the week challenging for Dad and the boys. Anyone who knows of a fguest pass available, please pass along the info to me or share my contact info.

970 882-4423

Finally recived my e-mail…WooooHooooooo… :thumbsup

woo hoo!! Brad and I will be there next year!!! :flower

I am in for mando, my wife for bass and the kids in the kids academy. We are psyched. Now I have to deal with the anticipation. I guess its a good problem to have.


Greetings Pat!
That sounds great, the perfect family vacation! Hoping all is well with you and yours.
Linda (still scouting for what I need to complete our plans ) javascript:replaceText(’%20:flower’,%20document.forms.postmodify.message);

I’m in for my second academy! Interm. fiddle!!! Can’t wait…had such an amazing time last year :slight_smile:
I will be playing Celtic music as well~

:thumbsup :wave Yay PAT~!!! …um…I just looked at the date from 2009…oyyy

OK lets keep our fingers crossed… :clap :clap :sunshine :horsey :hug :budumdum

I’m in for Writing and vocals :slight_smile:

Any word on when the Academy will be held in 2014? Or when the lottery will be held in 2013? I did not “win” the lottery for this year, so I’m still looking forward to my first RockyGrass Academy and Festival.


Academy 2014 dates are July 21-24, 2014. The lottery is scheduled tentatively for November 4th-13th (this might not be exact, but it will be near that time).