Abused by "big" John Eaton?

Have you been unfairly treated, bullied, or lied to by the “Big” John? This is the second time I have been verbally abused by him (aside from slander,) had my livelyhood adversely affected, and am inocent of offense in both cases. I am wondering if there are others out there who I haven’t yet met that have experienced simmilar offense. I have talked with Festivarians who label him w/ multiple expletives. I find him to be a bully and a liar, at the least, and have had enough of my festival experience ruined by him. I will pursue legal action as I see no other satisfaction, class action likely, as others also interested and the case stronger. At 43 yrs. young, 20 yrs. at this event, this will be my first law suit if it comes to fruition. :huh