ABGAT regular looking for camp space!

Well, this morning’s campground reservation was the cluster I figured. We had secured a couple of site, only to be told NOT AVAILABLE after going thru the entire process. Kinda figures…

So I’m looking for camp space for ABGAT and beyond. I would love to find someone who is going to move up to the bear campground when the rush takes place on Saturday the 11th so I can have my camp in the drive-in area (bunch of old farts need to be by vehicles0.

Is that you? I come with gifts, and will even contribute to the camp reservation fees.

PLEASE let me know if you can help out this 20 year TBF veteran!

It was a cluster. I got super frustrated, and was shut out the same. Luckily one person in our group got what she needed, as she has health issues and needs to also be with her vehicle. She won’t be leaving her space, but we might have room for you around our camp in the vehicle sites.

I’ll PM you!

It was messy. Seems like a lot of people were going for the Fri/Sat before (Jun 3/4) which prevented me from getting the full 7days. But I was able to secure spot 15 for Jun 5 (Sunday) thru 11. I’m the only one from my group getting there before land rush, so I’ll have room for a car and another tent that week. I’ll be doing zone 1 land rush, if you want that spot for “remaining in your site through PB takeover”.

After 19 TBFs and missing the last 2 years, I figured #20 would be a good time for my first ABGAT.

WOW!!! I’ll take you up on that fabulous offer!!!

I just PM’d you. Let me know if you didn’t get that!!!

Whoa! John, you should go out and buy a lottery ticket right now! You didn’t just get offered a spot, you go offered your spot. AmIcrazy?

Years ago a wise man (I believe his name was Bevin) told me that there would be Town Park tickets available if I just kept the faith. I learned from that experience that there is such a thing as TP Karma.

I just happened to have some of that come my way. Now it’s up to me to keep up my side of the bargain. I will find a way!