A Very Happy Day


Thanks To Kym Snow from Camp Fishbone


sooooo… how are we gonna celebrate your anniversary??

:lol I don’t know Sarah… what do ya think… :lol should we get a bunch of really good musicains together (I like acoustic) maybe have a big camping sleepover with lots of food and beer? :lol :lol :lol

Sarah, you are a true sweetheart. Can’t wait to meet you! :flower

Hope Lin :pickin


HA! yeah yeah yeah, I deserved that one…

OK - time to put this back on track and post an actual picture :flower :flower :flower

Not for the faint of heart… :wink:


so THAT’s the red thong I’ve been hearing so much about…suits you um…well, Ron . . . . .

Oh Geez here we go again …