A Toast to Telluride Tom

As I ponder the excitement of travelling to my first TBF, I recall all the advise and wisdom and knowledge that Telluride Tom has given me. His guidance has been priceless. So to honor him, I change my profile picture to honor his likeness. I look forward to breaking beer with him and open this topic for praise and reflection of Telluride Tom… :cheers

Cheers Mayor Tom, long may you reign :thumbsup


A toast! Tom has helped me evey step of the way as well, stoke to meet in person! :cheers

To Braski!

Salud to Telluride Tom
My Best Friend
My Best Man
Long may you “Ride”

To Tom! :cheers


I’m humbled! I just do what I do to help people.


I was honored to receive T-Tom’s last hug good-bye in T’ride this year. Seeing you climb into that truck and pull away just broke my heart.

Thanks for all the love and wisdom over the last five fests Mr. Mayor! :thumbsup

Already looking forward to NEXT YEAR! :woohoo

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I, for one, find Tom to do a reprehensible job at Mayor. His organizational skills are lacking (no official pre-fest schedule until May – really?), the events he puts together are all yawners (who wants to watch an electric pedal steel video at a bluegrass festival anyways?), and – you didn’t hear it from me – but I think he’s skimming off the top from the official TP budget.

Anyone else with me on a coup for next year?

Please note that today is opposite day, and I’m in a terribly silly mood trying to get past my post-fest blues.

TBF would be a pretty different experience for me without Tom playing host in TP all week long. He enriches everyone’s festival, so I raise my nearly empty bottle of Telluride whiskey to him! :cheers

It sounds to me that you are feeling a bit put out because you weren’t standing behind T-Tom in the beer line. Next year, be sure to follow him around, and if you’re behind him, he’ll buy you a beer on the condition that you buy the guy behind you one.

I try to stay behind him the whole festival.

Love you Tom!

Tom -

May Emmylou bless you with love and songs forever more!

:wave I’m am honored to be the first Swede to hold the flag :welcome over the Courthouse in the absence of the Pole, Tom! TYVM! I don’t smoke, but love coming to the “Smoke Over There” area of TP. :pipe2 Long may you reign!

The man is a walking random act of Kindness!

I love how respected this man is. Love you, Tom! :flower