A special offer for the John Cowan show to celebrate our new spring series

Hey everyone. :wave

I wanted to make sure that everyone saw this (posted it in the Wildflower section, too). We’re stoked to have all the gears moving in the pavilion and hope that some of you can take advantage and come see it.

Have a great weekend.


...as well as to celebrate the completion of the pavilion!

As some of you know, we've finally completed the [url=http://www.bluegrass.com/wildflower/email.html]Wildflower Pavilion[/url] here on Planet Bluegrass. The pavilion now includes fully hinged walls on all side to make it a warm and enclosed building for our spring and upcoming winter '09 series. 

In celebration of our first show with the newly completed sides, and in conjunction with our first show in the fully completed pavilion, we want to offer a little something extra to those of you on the front range and beyond who would like to join us. 

Starting right now, if you sign up for the [url=http://www.bluegrass.com/wildflower/email.html]Wildflower Pavilion Newsletter[/url] and confirm your email via the confirmation we send, you will be eligible on Monday for a [b]buy one- get one free ticket [/b]to next weeks John Cowan show.

Here's the skinny:
1. Sign up for the newsletter to receive information about upcoming Wildflower Pavilion shows and future special offers by clicking [url=http://www.bluegrass.com/wildflower/email.html]this link.[/url]
2. Call on Monday and let us know that you've singed up.
3. While you have us on the phone, buy a ticket to the John Cowan concert on Thursday, and we'll give you one for free!

No strings attached. It's that easy. We want you all to share in our excitement of the new pavilion.

Disclaimer: there are a limited number of these passes we can give away for free, so it's first come/ first served on Monday. 

So click the link and sign up, then give us a call on Monday. 

I'll talk to you then. 



It is suppose to be 71 degrees on Wednesday in Denver. Looks like A great forecast for the first show :thumbsup :wave
I’m going and calling all my friends. I have spring fever like nobodies business… John sure can plays a mean bass :dog :dog… :flower hotdog. Can we get a :giggle hotdog icon here please