A question about bringing instruments....

How safe do you guys feel it is to leave instruments in a tent? Has anyone has ever heard of instruments being stolen in the past?

I haven’t heard of any instrument thefts. :flower
Any kind of theft is extremely rare during the bluegrass festival.
There have been reports of booze being stolen, but that’s about it.
Most people won’t attempt to enter a closed up tent for fear that there’s someone inside. :wink:

I’ve never had a problem with it.

Also never had a problem. Heat is the real enemy.

Thanks guys, thats what I hoped to hear. I had to ask the question to clear my mind about it though lol.

Its not like im bringing anything fancy, just plywood, but I’d hate to lose em’.

I have only heard rumors of coolers of alcohol missing the week prior to PB taking over, After that it’s just us TP folks hanging out. I have always tented it and had no problems. Well there was that chipmunk that kept trying to get into the dry storage bin. There cute but darn pesky.

And the cold night air makes for a lot of tuning! :pickin :oconnor

There is an INSTRUMENT CHECK at the TBF Lost and Found! Its great when that ax costed more than they do a Target or Wallymart! Them folks is mighty fine, helpful and always have a great big howdy when youse show up to drop off or pickit up.


Oh yeah, them TBF organizers jist about tink about everting!

They do!! I bet the excitment and enegy level is really terrific! Could you imagine throwing a party for 10,000 folks HOTDOG, BIG FUN! :hop :clap :sunshine :horsey :strong :dancing :dog

I put my guitar in my sleeping bag inside the tent to protect it from heat. It also keeps it out of sight if someone did look inside my tent but I don’t really worry about that. We have a pretty busy camp with people coming and going all day and we generally have some of the same neighbors year after year so I have always felt pretty safe leaving my stuff around.