a possibly stupid question

OK, maybe I’m clueless, but how do y’all charge your phones when camping for a few days? I’ve always camped in my vehicle or an RV, so I had access to power. But this time around, I’m in a tent.
Are there charging stations on the festival site?
orrrrrr … what?


No help from the experienced?
Are there charging stations? Places to purchase ice?

There’s usually power available at the box office, and there may be a solar vendor inside with charging available. You can buy ice at the beer booth. :thumbsup

Thank you!

You can also buy some sort of a power block. They come in a variety of sizes and price points. Some reasonable ones will give you enough power to recharge your phone numerous times over the week. Larger ones will have ac, dc and usb outlets to electrify your entire camp.

Thanks, I was just looking at those online. Any I have bought in the (distant) past weren’t worth a crap … hopefully they’re making them better these days!

If your on-site, stop by camp Sunny Side Up. I do my best to have a solar power charging station going.

They put up a ton of power strips near the box office in the on-site campground for this purpose. Also the Wildflower Pavilion has power outlets all along the walls, I’ve been known to leave my phone there for a couple of hours during the festival and no one has ever stolen it.

Thanks for the offer!!!

Great info, thank you!