A message from Planet Bluegrass re: TBF50 Tickets

Howdy Festivarians,

Well, it’s been a week since TBF50 sold out in almost record time. To those of you who got the tickets you wanted, congrats, and we look forward to seeing you in June.

To those of you who didn’t get what you wanted, we are very sorry to hear that, and this message is mostly for you. You let us know via phone calls, emails, social media posts etc. that you were concerned that scalpers had been able to buy tickets before loyal Festivarians had a chance. I want you to know that the scalping of our tickets is something we take very seriously here at Planet Bluegrass and I have asked our friends at See Tickets to do a thorough scalper screening on every TBF50 order. They have identified a multitude of orders that fit at least one of their scalper screening criteria. They are committed to going through each of those orders, one by one, to determine whether or not the purchasers should be deemed as scalpers. Those orders/tickets that are deemed to have been bought by scalpers will be fully refunded in the next few weeks. As of now, the plan is that those tickets will go back into the resale pool and be released with all other refunded tickets on a Tuesday shortly after the refund deadline in early March. As of right now, I can’t speculate as to how many or what type of tickets there will be, but I would guess there will be many more than in past resales.

When it comes to scalping tickets, we hear you, we agree with you, and Planet Bluegrass along with See Tickets is doing everything we can to stop the scalping of our tickets and to give Festivarians like you the opportunity to purchase them at face value.

Thank you for your support and your patience. We look forward to seeing you at TBF50.

Geoff Wickersham
Sales Manager for Planet Bluegrass


Thank you for looking into this.

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That’s wonderful to hear, Geoff. Thanks so much for following up on our concerns and helping long-time Festivarians get back into the swim!


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Thanks for the update, Geoff. This our family’s favorite trip/event of the year. We sure hope enough tickets come available. There appears to be very clear evidence of scalper activity on the secondary ticket sites, given many single entities selling 8, 10, and 12 four-day tickets at a time. Appreciate your efforts to reclaim and release as many tickets as possible to support the spirit of inclusivity and access that your brand represents.



Thank you Geoff, Thank you PB. Happy holidays.

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Thank you so much for looking out for those of us that love TBF. I look forward to try again in March.

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That’s awesome. So great to see the festival forces of good taking action!

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So glad to see this and I applaud you, it’s the type of extra effort that creates such loyalty amongst the festivarian family.

I for one will be first in line to try to snare a ticket.

Can I please request that resale time starts a bit later in the day? I get that sale time will never suit everyone given how far away many of us are but I don’t think I could cope with getting up at 3.45am for the second time especially if I miss out again.

Any chance you might stat resales a bit later in the day?

I will get there and a scalper will never receive a cent from me.


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Don’t announce Billy Strings is playing until after the resale!

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This will be our 4th TBF and so thankful we got tickets. Hopefully, however they scan looking for scalpers doesn’t affect normal ticket buyers. After our first time to TBF, we started getting a group of friends to go in on a place to stay and have to put a large amount down or pay in full way in advance of ticket sales in order to get the place that will accommodate our group. It would be awful for someone to have done this only to have some ticket buying algorithm ID you as not legit…Not too worried about it, but it got me thinking. Luckily our whole group was able to get tickets. SO looking forward to the 50th TBF 2023!

This is great news! Thanks for hearing us out on that. We have been coming the last 10 years and have been looking forward to the 50th since we were there for the 40th and would have hated to see scalpers ruin our chances. We appreciate you and all you do. Happy Bluegrass everyone!

catching Billy in Tulsa the day before we leave for TBF!

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Sunday looks like it could maybe potentially work :crossed_fingers:

Not sure if Nat is saying “nope, Billy is busy and won’t make it” or “Billy has open dates and can make Sunday at TBF”…so read between the lines. C’mon, Nat, which one is it? :rofl:


Doesn’t seem like there is a connection between Billy and PB. Given the demand for Billy Red Rocks tix and Renewal tix and TBG tix, they both seem fine. As an early adopter to Billy’s music, I have to say that the scene is becoming a bit of turnoff for me. Since I did not get tix for either the Red Rocks shows or TBG, I guess it doesn’t really matter what I think :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, not this year. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is there a lineup announcement today?

Hi August,

Not that I’m aware of.

We are waiting on some final confirmations.

Thank you for your patience and Happy Winter Solstice!


So thankful that more tickets might be available - only got Thursday and Sunday. It will be the first time in 30 years that we won’t be at the full festival. Searching for 4 - 4 day tickets and really hope I will be able to get them!