A little Love for Danielle Ate the Sandwich?

The family & I are crushed because we can’t catch DATS at the Wildflower, since we’re on an early morning flight to Maui the next day (I know, it’s rough :slight_smile:

But seriously folks, if it’s tempting enough to drag us out of our mountain recluse for a gig, you should at least consider it…it’s going to be special. Here’s a few vids of some awesome covers. Her originals are equally fantastic, but I find folks glom onto new artists faster hearing a cover they do…go figure…


Oh…and quirky? Yeah, just enough…


Sweet, beautiful and im in, Maui :rolleyes poor baby, have fun and we will see you next time ! So excited ot kick off the Wildflower concerts. Only means one thing, FESSSSSSSSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL is just around the corner.

Excited. Gettin down with the D. :flower

I am in need of a spiritual awakening from that lil sweet Ranch in that beautiful valley, nope it’s not religion I need, it’s live performance in all shapes and sizes. Move me and goove me
Get me the flip out of here already.

My name is Bluegrass Dustin, and I support this thread.


You probably have as big a crush on her as I do though :lol :lol :lol

Good good things happen on Fridays!!! :cheers :medal

Can you believe this weather? Killer warm! What a great night ahead! :medal

Inquiring minds want to know…how was it?

Fine, I’ll call out Dustin then. How awesome was this show?

Hey HF :wave I missed the show unfortunatly, but some good things came out of it so no sweat.

So go ahead call out the D man wise guy, hes in the know anywho. :flower

Sorry, just saw this…

The show was great. Danielle was fantastically quirky yet polished, as usual. DATS was a duo, instead of the more regular trio. Just her and her bass player. All in all, it was exactly what we expected. Sorry you couldn’t make it. :frowning:

The Haunted Windchimes were also delightful. Check them out if you haven’t…

Hoping for a big fall in the Pavilion, so stay tuned!