A lil (line sitting) help from my friends

Howdy! Week of! Been waiting 3 years for this. This long time veteran tbf team is tired (and maybe a little old). So…. We’re wanting to trade a 4-day pass for 4 nights of line sitting for a low tarp run number. Anyone game?!? Thank you! :pray::banjo: Sincere apologies to the purists that would think this to be counter-culture! I get it, but we’re true festivarians through and through. :heart:

There is no line sitting anymore. Everyone arrives at the same time in the morning and randomly gets a number (there is one line for TP/Werner and one line for everyone else). Then everyone gets in for the running of the tarps in order of the numbers. I suggest you have several people in your party get the numbers, and then go with the lowest number. In 2019, if your number was over 150, you didn’t really get any good spots near the front of the rows.

Actually, I believe the main entrance still uses the traditional line policy (sitting out overnight, numbers handed out in order the following morning).

On the TP/WF side, the numbers are randomly handed out in the morning, so there is no need for an overnight lineup.