A few random questions

Hey everyone!

It’s been 5 years since our last Festival and we have a few questions:

  1. We’re camping at Mary E again and yesterday’s email said “If you have Lawson Hill or Mary E camping/vehicle passes, please bring those barcoded tickets to the Box Office to be scanned.” So do we need to drive into the Box Office and have our camping passes scanned there before we can proceed to Mary E?

  2. We enjoyed vendors’ breakfast burritos last time and are wondering if we can expect any breakfast/brunchish food available again this year?

  3. Where are showers located this year? Last time we showered at the high school. What’s the procedure now?

Thanks in advance!!

You can unload at Mary E/Ilium as long as you can show proof that you have tickets waiting for you at Will Call/ Box Office (copy of email) and then you’ll need to get into town - by car if prior to Wed. or by bus starting on Wed. - to get your bands on.

Cool! Already have got the wristbands in the mail!

Just wasn’t sure about the wording about getting “camping passes scanned”.

The wristbands are RFID and can still be “scanned”