A couple more for the 2010 RG lineup...

A couple of artists for you:

I’m particularly excited about this duo.

It’s not often that there is a pairing of two virtuosic musicians who master their instruments for their respective generations.

It’s not often that two such talented musicians get to play off one another and explore what the other has to offer.

Two generations meeting again for the first time in Lyons, CO under the cliffs and beside the river for a summertime clinic on how bluegrass guitar should be played…

I’m really excited to announce that Tony Rice & Bryan Sutton will perform a duo set at RockyGrass. :pickin

Sunday morning gospel sets are a staple of the RockyGrass experience. Gospel goes with bluegrass like warm apple pie with cold vanilla ice cream, and it's just as delicious. 

Serving up that delicious plate of soul salvation this year is a particular young lady who has a special place here in Lyons, and I'm sure with all of you. She's known as a lovable and talented musician who isn't afraid to cross boundaries and shatter expectations. Her approachable and down home demeanor is one that is easily seen by both Festivarians and musicians alike. It's probably that particular down home demeanor that led her to incorporate a band that calls Colorado home, has the distinction of being former RockyGrass band contest champion, and includes some world class musicians as her accompaniment for the set. Together, they will give you a glimpse of the talent that calls the Colorado front range home. 

Leading us in a gospel journey on Sunday morning of Rockygrass will be none other than [b]KC Groves & Long Road Home[/b]. It'll be a good one, make sure to wear your church tye-dye.

Yippee…ki yi ay!
I never tire of Tony or Bryan, and to have them setting each other off on virtuostic paths will be fantastic!!

Love me my gospel set, too…one of the best parts of RockyGrass!
Thanks, PB…I’m so excited for July!

And with the announcement of Tim & Co, I can now happily die and go to heaven! Amazing lineup as always, PB! :thumbsup