A Banjo Story

Twitter is a web-based service that allows users 140 characters to answer the question, “What are you doing?” Think of it as a blog for the the attention-deficited. One user, 140Story, uses it to create 140 character works of fiction. Here’s one festivarians might like:

[b]Banjo's are born in love and stay in love. Bright, content, seen as simple, but complex and never mopey. Rowdy for sure but never a fighter.[/b]


about the banjo player called ned
who had a girfriend named zed
she cut all the strings, now the banjo can’t sing
so he threw it in the ocean instead.


Well, there once was a man from Nantucket
Made a banjer from a broomstick and bucket
Well, his banjer got broken,
Cuz he dropped it while toke’n
So out the winder he up’ed and he chucked it.

AH!! Hahahahaha :lol :lol :lol

I like it.

Ol’ Clem found a banjer on the shore
he could buy some new strings at the store
and play claw hammer all day
up north in Cape Cod Bay
While ol’ Ned gets to be with zed, the Bore!

Them banjo pickers, mighty fine ways,
same damn song, three or four days.

Them banjo pickers, all they know,
Cumberland gap, Do-si-do.

Them banjpo pickers, talking bout strings,
banjo pegs, other such things,

Them banjo pickers, poker face mugs,
never do smile, just play Scruggs.

Them banjo pickers, never get sick,
pickin them banjos, pick, pick, pick.

Don’t know what your getting at Sarah :wink:

i SOOOOOOOOOOOO thought of you when i wrote that line (i didn’t write it by the way)

you really need to work on that Adam. the banjo is such a HAPPY instrument. how could you not beam with light every time you play it? sheesh.

Maybe I’m only beaming on the inside when I play :cheers

Truth is, a lot of times my brain just shuts down when I’m playing and I don’t really think of much of anything. Its a kind of trance state for me, very meditative really.

does that mean the new song you wrote is a happy, enlightening one??

I’d say like most things in life there are happy moments mixed with sad ones and some that can’t be classified as either