45 RPM's

I am cleaning out Grandma’s house some… I have a bunch of 45 Rpm’s from the 50’s,60’s and 70’s… All are in played condition and some are in well-loved condition- mainly the ones from early 70’s ( mine as a kid.) What can I do with these? Are there any in specific that I should look out for that may actually be worth $$. Any ideas on value?? We have a small antique stall in an antique mall. I’m thinking they may be more “saleable” if I do something with some of them like Mat and Frame them in groups as decorations… Any other ideas?

Check and see if there are any used record stores in your area.
They’d have a better idea of each individual record’s value. :flower

ebay is another poss…

Deb -

Hi it’s Rhonny out of lurker mode. I saw your post and just had to respond with an idea that popped into my mind. For this idea you’ll need a printer, a scanner, a sewing machine (if you don’t have one, you can pick one up for around 100.00… perhaps even less if you’re willing to walk into a Walmart - which I am not… but anyway… cheap), laser photo fabric (any fabric store has this… or a Michaels craft store), some other cute fabrics (cool ideas would be “music themed” fabric, or fabric that ties in with the song title)… maybe get a purse pattern that you think you can handle. (You strike me as the crafty type… )

Google the titles of the songs and select the most popular titles (may a dozen or so - this will especially work for the titles that are popular, but the record is “over loved”). Scan the records and save them as jpegs (maybe incorporate backgrounds for the 45 before scanning). You can then print these jpegs off onto the laser photo fabric and use it as the “front” side of a bag (single big images of records… or varying configurations of titles that work together). Purses or grocery bags could be really cool… the sky’s the limit, just employ your vast knowledge of music and festivals, etc., and create little works of art that would give your love of music a physical expression.

Another idea would be to make quilts, or use the jpegs to create t-shirt transfers, etc. Let the song titles guide you… But remember one very important thing - Less Is More. Keep the details simple, and the item clean and uncluttered.

I dunno if it’s anything you’d be interested in, but I thought it worth mentioning!

I hope all is going well with your festival preparations…

xo Rhonny

OMG! Rhonny, that is sooo cool! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Those are great ideas Rhonny…

Umm,as for Crafty, LOLPIMP, I do not have a crafty cell in my body…
BUT, I do have some friends that could give Martha a run for it…LOL
One of them already sells custom purses on ebay. I may run these thoughts byher.

Thanks Auntie Hope! :flower

xo R

Deb -

Even if you’re not able to do the work, use your knowledge, your 45s, and partner with your friend. You may find that you’re craftier than you’ve previously thought!

xo R

Sounds like Rhonny has a new business plan…

great ideas there.