420 club

I’m thinkin we should have a 420 club celebration… :flower

on 4/20 at 4:20. :thumbsup

I’d love to have 420 club sandwiches. Extra bacon please :wink:

:lol :lol I’m pretty sure you get a new car when ya hit 420, they name a holiday after you and a street downtown…pretty sure… and a sandwhich called the 420 club with extra oink :pig…pretty sure :rolleyes

Shat! Only a 421. Guess I don’t get a sandwich. :huh

420, 421…whatever it takes.

oh, btw- can someone fix me by one smite please

I got your back, Debbie. :cheers

Maybe we should just call it a club and forget the 420 part :lol
Thanks for the P.M. Hope :flower

Thanks Hot Sugar!

Don’t mention it :wink: