4 Portlanders feelin the love

Howdy folks,

This is Evan, Naomi, Sarah, and our own Town Park virgin Daniel on our way to T-ride once again. We were fortunate enough to find one TP pass through the forum, but we’re 3 short as the lottery didn’t find us this year. One way or another we’ll see you there this year, it just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t among the Town Park family we’ve come to love.

Any other NWerners headin’ to the hills this June? I’ll be in Buene Vista til Tuesday competing in the National Rafting Championships, but the rest of the crew will be there the weekend before as always settling in and reuniting with old TP friends. If anyone has a line on some TP passes or for some good ole NW networking drop me a line.

Peace, Evan


Hi it’s Rhonny… Remember me?

Do the rest of the Tiki Bar crew know that you’re looking?

I’ll keep an eye out for tickets… Stay close to this list. They are going to begin rolling in soon.


Hey Ronnie,

Heck yah, I 'member you. How are you? I haven’t been able to get ahold of Lara and Michelle or Dwaine and Gary, if you have their e-mail that’d be sweet. Mine is evandu75@yahoo.com. Will we get to see you this year? I’ll be competeing in the National Whitewater Championship in Buene Vista, CO a few days before I slide gracefully into that good ole valley, so it’ll be quite a week for me. Do you remember Naomi & Sarah? They’ll both be there this year as well. I just hope find those TP passes. Keep your feelers out for us and I’ll see you soon. Drop me a line.

Peace, Evan