4 newbie Girls need Festival 411!

OMG we are reading all of your guy’s Festival info, and were freaking out because we are soooo excited. This is our first festival and we finally got everyone together to make this memory making trip. :cheers. We do have a few questions… 2 of us are at Lawson Hill and the other two are at MARY E. ILIUM CAMPGROUND. Besides the basics (tent, food, gas grill) what else is good advice for our trip. Any good advice on what to pack? Is there food vendors near by the concert, or should we pack a lunch and bring beer to watch the concert. If we rode our bikes from Lawson Hill, is there a spot to place bikes so there not in anybody’s way? Any advice in any way shape or form we would be grateful to help us in any way for out FIRST festival adventure.

You are going to have the best experience of your lifes, be prepared to be in awe. That being said, look at the packing post, gives you a good idea of what you need to bring, Hippies list is very complete, down to the condoms and tennis balls. You can bring in food and sealed water/soda…No alcohol :frowning: They have great vendors inside the festival also. Make sure when you come to the festival grounds you bring everything you will need for the day, sunscreen, warm weather clothes, rain gear, cold weather clothes, sunscreen, water bottle, money. I know I said sunscreen twice it’s important don’t forget, you can easily fry at that elavation. I think they have a bike rack outside of the entrance so it should not be a problem to ride your bikes. There is also a shuttle that runs back and forth throughout the day. Hope to see you there. Check out the pre-festivities post also, gives a whole list of activities that we participate in before and during the festival.
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Here’s Photos of the new festifemarians:






Welcome to one of the Westest Bestest Festists!

…No alcohol :frowning:

Yes! and I have land to sell you in swampy usa!

we are staying in lawson, will be there tuesday, will have plenty of beer and plenty of fun at our site, plus we’ve got our bikes. :thumbsup :cheers lets have beer

I just meant they won’t let you bring in your own Alcohol, unless you are really sneaky and not worried about losing your wristband. I for one just get my beer fix from KOTO beer booth or run back and forth to TP to slam a couple then head back into the festival. :cheers

There are food vendors inside, and the downtown restraunt and food carts are fairly easy to get back and forth to should the inside vendor’s not do it for you.

Nice Catch! wink wink nod nod

This is GREAT INFO GANG!!! Thank you all so much and hopefully we will see you all there. Travel Carefully and can’t wait.

What’s up girls? My friend Kody and I are going for the first time as well, and we are staying at Lawson. Your first festival experience, as others have expressed, is going to blow your fricken’ mind! You picked a phenomenal one for your first; you are going to be spoiled, festival-wise. My only advice would be to get there right when the gates open, which is 8 a.m. I believe, so that you can get a good spot, or at least that’s what we are planning on. Hopefully we’ll see you there. I have black, really curly hair, I can’t be missed, come and say hello. Peace

Hey Crazy cat peekin and your friend Kody! Thats great about you all staying at Lawson Hill maybe we will catch up with ya! My Friend Becca and I will be there on Friday so maybe we will see ya around. We both have blond hair and are from Sheridan Wyoming. Thanks for the info about getting to the festival EARLY when the gates open, we can’t wait.
Have a safe trip!

Hey there Lawson peeps… I am also camping at Lawson Hill… If you see a blonde mama pushing around a red walker, please stop me and say “high!”
:wave :wink: :cheers :pipe