4-days gone at 9:02?

Did they really sell out that fast?

My persistence paid off…Got my 4-days…some kind of staged roll out maybe… :thumbsup

My got processed at 9:06

I ended up getting mine at 9:23 then Sold Out again at 9:25

I got Jonesed by a bunch of scalpers and custy noobs again this year. That M&S article in Rolling Stone a few years back is the catalyst for this B.S. It’s ironic that one of the WORST bands to take the stage in the history of TBF, is also the reason for it’s commercial sacredness. That being said, I hope you all enjoy Greensky and Cat Stevens.!

Yeah. you’re right, just give up now. See you in 2016! If you’re lucky! :lol :lol

I’ll be there this year. Just have to get on the guest list again like last year. Thanks for making fun of my frustration though, you’re the spirit of TBF personified. LMFAO

Right, because being unwelcoming to new festivarians is the Telluride way.

Everybody just chillout, will ya. Sheesh… :evil

Lighten up people! My sarcasm just wasn’t blatant enough I guess. Yes, you are correct I was poking fun at your drowning in misery tone, when anyone that has gone to this festival the past 10 years should know the most certain flood of tickets that come downpouring out the 20 days leading to the event. I’ve never once seen someone get shutout that was set on attending.

P.S. what’s with the wacky festivation ratings? -666? :evil

Just not a team player.