30 days

Over 30 days of camping out in the forum
over the last year.

I guess I need to get more of a life, :lol but…
and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.


It wouldn’t be the same place without your time and effort.


Hmmm…I’ve only spent 7 days and 7 hours on here in the last year. I feel like a slacker.

Gee Tom
That sound like a sentence of some kind… 30 days son - when you’re hot you’re hot.

Oh yeah - that was another story, but then I’m not " Obviously Retired" retired yet.

11 days, 19 hours and 34 minutes. :thumbsup … and LOVING IT!

I was just thinking it was near the One Year Mark for this forum and then I came across this thread. Leave it to the Mayor to beat me to the punch! :lol

Thanks to everyone that keep this home going strong!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Be careful, Dustin can change your rating on a whim. :flower

NOw, how do we figure this out?

By viewing your profile and then selecting “General Statistics” at the bottom. :flower

Thanks Tom… Wow, I’m a slacker- not quite 3 days…LOL…

Hey and anyone want to send me “some love”… I’m feeling a bit “unloved” given that my rating hasn’t changed at all since last June…



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Auntie Hope :pickin