3 weeks till we leave for TBF!

Really counting down the days now. We have all the camp gear sorted and packed in totes. Kitchen, and shelter are all prepped. Just need to fill the propane tanks, and get some last minute items and we’re all set, minus the food.

Everything except food, clothes and instruments goes into totes. And, that makes packing, unpacking, and hauling to campsite so much easier!

Who’s arriving for landrush, or ABGAT? Can’t wait for hugs and high fives!


20 days for Cay & I. Headin’ down on the 7th. Time to dig out the totes & start organizing for us. It’s gettin’ real!

I’ll be there on the 9th (leaving here the 5th and making a big trip of the cross country drive).

My floor is currently in complete disarray as I turn my car into camper mode for the drive, then get tent mode ready for TP. My first time but I’ve had a working spreadsheet for months so I hopefully don’t forget anything. I’m not nearly as organized as you, Todd, but I’m impressed you are already packed up and ready to rumble. So excited!!!

Can’t wait to meet you guys!