2024 Town Park Pre-Fest Activities!

No need to feel like a mooch! These events are put on for the community so come and enjoy! If you’re looking to support them, I’m sure any of them would appreciate a monetary donation but it’s not expected. Hope to see you around Town Park!!


Cannot Wait, to hear that stream and banjos

Wiz I love the calendar Link thank you for this!

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As always donations for the Rum balls are always welcome. A bottle of rum and some fresh fruit or even canned (pineapple, fruit cocktail, etc.) Melons are also welcome.


Don’t forget any favorite breads, cheeses, or toppings for the Grilled Cheese Spectacular on Monday!


My husband and I have not been to TBF in 20 years. We are coming this year to see our son play in the band competition on Friday. His group is camping in Town Park and we really, really want to come watch them rehearse on Wednesday or Thursday. We got Friday and Saturday day passes and camping in the Lawson Hill campground because Town Park was sold out by the time we knew he was going to be part of the competition. A few questions:

  1. Can we come into Town Park campground on Wednesday?
  2. Is there anyone who has the power to make an exception for us to enter Town Park to see our son rehearse on Thursday?
  3. What do you think the likelihood is of trading our passes for Town Park passes? (I see a bunch of TP passes for sale, but I’m not sure anyone wants to trade or buy what we have since Lawson Hill and day passes are still available on the Planet Bluegrass website.)
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Hey Betsy - just sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Hey all, we camped next to Lamp Shadey Grove last year and look forward to being in that area and to see you all again this year! Jim

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Hey friends! I’m a newbie coming solo and love the sound of all these events - but because I’m volunteering the fest and camping at Lawson Hill, does that mean I can’t access Town Park? TP and Lawson are two different camping areas right? So are these events just for those who camp in Town Park? Thanks in advance!

Excellent! Is there a Google calendar again this year? Thanks!!

Looks great! First timer here and not getting there til Wednesday but joining in w a camp then. Hoping more intermediate jam circles happen! Bringin my git-fiddle🤘… if anyone wants to PM me with more low key invites I’d appreciate it! Comin in from Asheville🚀

TP is open to other campgrounds until Thursday morning.