2024 TBF On Sale Info!

Some changes are afoot in the way TBF tixs will be sold this year. Notably a pre-registration to combat scalpers.

More info here: On-Sale Info — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO

Key Dates:


I think the move to prevent scalpers from accessing tickets is great!


I’m registered. Now just have to work on those on sale jitters!

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Have registered.

I’m really pleased they are taking active moves to reduce scalpers

Now if only they had a start time that was compatible with our time zone

3am start again Aaaaggh

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My $10 pre-sale purchase was rejected multiple times with two separate credit cards.

Does this mean that I’ve now been black listed as a scalper and can’t purchase tickets? The filtering process is broken if so.

I doubt this is the scalper screening. It’s supposed to filter scalpers out after they have pre-registered. Seems like you’re dealing with some sort of processing issue.

Give SeeTickets (855-976-2544) or Planet Bluegrass (800-624-2422) a shout and I bet they can help you out. If not, report back here or shoot me a DM.

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Hey Brian,

Geoff from PB here. I just looked you up and this is what it is saying about why you are being declined:
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 3.41.40 PM
I hope this helps!