2024 Lineup Talk

Lineup is out! Main Stage Lineup — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO

A little bummed that Lil Smokies aren’t back this year, but maybe there is still hope with a couple “TBA” spots still on there.

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Since they’ll be at Telluride, there’s sadly almost no chance they’ll be at RG this year. They’ve more or less alternated between them historically.

Planet Bluegrass associated appearances:
2015 - Telluride (Band Contest)
2016 - Telluride
2017 - Rockygrass
2018 - Telluride (Nightgrass and Elks park, no main stage)
2021 - Springgrass @ Lyons
2021 - Rockygrass
2022 - Telluride
2023 - Rockygrass
2024 - Telluride

I do wish they’d get added though!

Bummer - that was definitely my favorite set last year.

Anyone want to put any guesses out there for the TBA spots?

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