2023 Troubadour Finalist from MA Looking for Help

Hello Festivarians!
My name is Sean Magwire and I am honored to be one of the Finalists in the Troubadour Contest at TBF this year! It has been a dream of mine to play this festival since I first picked up a guitar so this whole experience is surreal to me. I am based out of Massachusetts and will be flying into Montrose airport on Wednesday afternoon and flying out of Telluride on Sunday!

With that said, I am 100% a TBF newbie and have no idea what to expect as far as camping and logistics. I know that as a Troubadour I receive a Town Park camping pass and festival pass!

I’ve done some research and seen that camps of veteran Festivarians have in the past “adopted” a Troubadour into their camp for the festival. Would there be any camps interested in helping out a Masshole with songs to share? Haha.

Any and all help and suggestions would be more than appreciated!

See y’all in a month!

Sean Magwire


Howdy! I sent your info to someone who might be able to help :slight_smile: He should be reaching out soon!


Are you just needing a group with some larger infrastructure and jam space to join with, or do you need to borrow gear from a group, or both?

Hey Sean! This is Jeff from Camp Crossroads. Lucas pointed me to your post. We could save you a tent space and “adopt” you! We have a wedding tent and full kitchen with running water. We could probably throw a tent for you and you would just need bedding, personal gear, food, drink, etc. LMK


Hi Jeff!
I’d love that! I can definitely bring bedding and personal gear with me in a checked bag no problem. Would I need to have a zone 1 ticket to join your camp? I’m not sure if that is included in the package the festival gives us Troubadours.

Feel free to message me directly at: smagwire@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

I wouldn’t worry much about the Zone 1 pass. Somebody will be able to cover you if you end up needing one.

Just watch out for the punch.

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Jeff has one for him :slight_smile: