2022 Beer share!

Howdy folks!
In case it’s your first time in TP or coming early to Mary E. There’s a pre fest event on Tuesday where we all bring brews from our cellars, and our local breweries, and share them with each other. Anything goes, growlers, cans, bottles, 10 year aged stouts, fresh IPA’s, and that mini home brew keg!

We’ll gather at the waterfall in TP and at 11:59am start cracking open cold beers. :cheers

If you can’t bring beers, can you bring some veggies, or chips/crackers and a dip, cheese tray, or fruit and nuts?

No matter what, it’s guaranteed we’ll have a wide assortment of beers you’ve never seen before, or tried!

Bring a small tasting glass you can re-use. We’ll organize a rinse station, and have drinking water on tap for rinsing and rehydrating!

Who’s bringing what?

I’ll of course be robbing our cellar for fun old treats and we’ll bring plenty of fresh stuff too!

Good call on the food, that’ll be quite helpful. We’ll also bring a snack of some sort.

Glad to hear that we’ll be rolling out the barrel in 2022. Zing Boom Tararrel!

I’ll bring some STL brew.

Bringing Arizona offerings and probably a variety of bottles that have been in the cellar too long. Some of those should be unexpected delights (though surely some will be past their prime). Excited to start clearing a bit from our overloaded collection!

I’ll be bringing beers paired with tater tots :slight_smile:

Hope to be in Telluride by 12 n Tuesday. Plan on bringing some
Abita Turbodog or Andygator.

FYI I checked with the good folks at Upslope and they won’t be arriving in time to participate :confused:

I’ll be bringing some North Florida brews, and some Asheville brews from the collection!

Three cases of beer and mead packed. I imagine a lot of it will get opened for the share. Dug deep on the shelves and have a number of aged bottles going back quite a few years. Can wait to see and taste what you all bring!


Kudos to everyone involved in the Beer Share. Really fun with so many great beers to choose from. Everyone was so happy and friendly. Brought me to full festival mode!