2021 Roll Call

Fortunately scored weekend 1 + Town Park camping. You?

Solstice Weekend! We’ll be there! :wave

You betcha! First weekend here in the red section, and first time bringing not one but two kiddos!

Able to snag weekend 1 + TP as well. Will be down to 10 from our usual 25, but nonetheless can’t wait! :cheers


We are so thrilled. Second Weekend. Shade Tents with two toddlers and grandparents. Haven’t been this stressed since PHISH lottery! But YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

See all of you beautiful and wonderful people there! Nothing but love!

First weekend and Town Park here we come! Pod-ing with a lot folks we don’t know well but could not be more excited…!!

So happy for you all! We decided we will sit it out this year, but we’ll be with you in spirit, and back with you in 2022!

The mayor will be there both weekends. :thumbsup

LOVE TO HEAR IT, TOM! See you in June!

Run-A-Muck Lite will be there both weekends!!

Does that mean there’s a ‘Lite’ version of frog this year?

I dont think it would be better…

It can’t be worse?

Dont tempt fate… it never goes well :burn :burn :burn

Sure wish we could make it. For sure in style next year! Pretty cool seeing the forum come back to life though! We’ll be watching the Salmon stream tonight!

Sisters and brothers, the Frog tastes like champagne compared to Malort.

You wish!!

This, right here, is a true, real, verifiable, fact, fersure. Try one right after the other… :eek :sorry

Admire my amazing MS Paint skills.


Well played Lucas :cheers