2016 Lineup suggestions

Chris Stapleton, http://n.pr/1J8a1ho


Jackstraw : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwdYXeQ8HXw

Pokey LaFarge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMNMyNjwZ60

I endorse Chris Stapleton! Also, it would be great to get a Warren Haynes/RRE Ashes and Dust show. They didn’t visit enough cities on their all to brief joint tour late this summer in my opinion.

He is the opening act for Warren Haynes. Good stuff . I know I can feel it, it could be this year!!! YIKES! :lol :medal see how we are :medal

YIKES!! GOOSEBUMP CITY! I need me some of that! Hotdog!

It makes my heart just dance when I hear great Traditional Bluegrass…

Just to throw a wrench in the spokes of music . Michael Franti ??? :huh

This ain’t no bluegrass music, but oh my! Hot Tuna & Co. reprising the Jefferson Airplane catalog last Friday night, with Rachel Price handling some of the Grace parts (along with Teresa Williams). Lots of familiar faces on that stage.


Far from Bluegrass, but boy do they swing.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

I have been a Hot Tuna fan forever! But man do they dilly dally. Best thing about Rhonda V this summer. She hit it, tune after tune I like that pace. Hot Tuna unplugged would be crazy good. Always an injection and crowd awakening when they give us a jolt out of Bluegrass each Fest. I always look forward to that and it is so playful and telling of PBG! Gives me fresh ears that’s for sure. Cuts through the crowd like a knife. Never know :flower HOT TUNA!!! :lol

It would be hard not to dance! Man, if that’s not an injection of joy I don’t know what is. :medal Don’t you love how music can move you around!

John Cowan & The Doobie Brothers!! :concert

Oh heck yeah! If we got these guys, I think we need to recruit swing dancing festivarians to get up and lindy hop their butts off during this set. How fun would that be?

I have five big wishes for next year. One of them is already confirmed thanks to the Telluride Band Competition judges, so that makes the rest easy, right?

Since the Lil Smokies are already going to be there, I’ll just do a top 4 countdown.

  1. Keller Williams and Grateful Grass featuring (spoiler alert) members of the Infamous Stringdusters. I haven’t had a chance to see any of these sets, but every single one I’ve heard has been incredible. This would be a great afternoon set or even an elk’s park workshop or nightgrass.

  2. Dead Winter Carpenters. They’ve got a great sound and really jam it out when they want to, as shown in this video featuring two of my favorite songs of theirs. Here’s a video of them at String Summit in 14 (I can be seen dancing around on the rail in this video and the first video). Here’s a video of them slowing it down a bit. And, just because, here’s a video of them playing “Bad Moon Rising” with The Brothers Comatose (who would also be great). I’d also recommend checking out this recording on archive. It’s night two of a two night run and the entire first set is Grateful Dead covers. I’m probably over selling them, but I really dig their music.

  3. Warren Haynes featuring Railroad Earth. This is a no brainer. The album they just put out, Ashes and Dust, is phenomenal. One of my favorite new albums. Here’s one of the best tracks off it. This would be a perfect Friday night closing set.

  4. (I spoiled this one in my number 4 entry, but oh well) The Infamous Stringdusters. In my opinion, there is no better band in the world today. We haven’t seen them in Telluride since 2013, which is just too long. I was injured that year and only spent a few hours on the festival field as I could barely walk, but I made it down for The Dusters and then made it down to The Palm for their nightgrass. I say let them close out Thursday night and give them a nightgrass show with Keller at The SOH on Saturday.

WARREN HAYNES & RAILROAD EARTH :thumbsup :thumbsup

Hot Sugar . I got to tell you that you are on point with your band suggestions . I’ve listened to every one on your requests and I love them all . Please keep them coming . And thank you for turning me on to some great new tunes . Much appreciated . :cheers

Fine fine suggestions!!! Warren Warren Warren!!! ON FIRE!!! Good collective push. Love all of you like minded folk! ok here are a few more I really like:

Josh Rouse
Kevin Deal
Shelby Lynne
Loudon Wainwright
Gary Jules
Claire Lynch
Ruthie Foster
Luka Bloom
Left Over Samon
Father John Misty

I hear this Samon group is pretty good and they are currently doing a tribute to Nina Samon :eek

Here ya go sunshine, an L just for you…

Talk to us, who do you want to hear this next Fest?