2016 - Good Luck to ALL!!!!

Hi Everybody,
I just wanted to shout out with some good vibes.

Good luck all!!!

Hope to see you in July :slight_smile:

Anybody receiving confirmation notices yet? Monday the 16th is when onsite camping lottery opens so we are supposed to be getting emails now.

Already panicing! :wink:

Check your credit card for holds from Planet Bluegrass. That will happen way before the email notice. Telluride folks were getting holds yesterday, so Academy should be charged today/tomorrow. But you never know.

Good Luck! :vibes :vibes :vibes

Kurt, what did you put in for? I’m going for Mando-Int first and guitar-nov as backup

Banjo 1st, Mando 2nd. Wifey is trying this year too, so I should be around either way.

Just glad you are going to be around! Hope you plan on Rockygrass regardless. I also hope this means you’ll be at T-ride too.

More good vibes… :vibes :vibes :vibes

:wave Yer killin me PBG!!! :lol

:medal :medal :medal HOTDOG!