[glow=red,2,300][/glow]6th Annual Town Park Cup will be at Camp Run a Muck on weds June 18th at 12 noon.
There will be trophies for 1st & 2nd Place… :medal
Plus usable glass art from Chameleon Glass :flower
Atmos Vaporizer & a Kind-Tray to the winner!!

This should be a great year now that Marijuana in Colorado is legal
Hope to see many new entries this year. Good Luck! :pipe2

care to explain for a first time town-parker?

I will, once again, be in charge of security for the Town Park Cup so you can expect plenty of inappropriate pat-downs, gropes, strip searches, and body cavity inspections. Safety first!

I so miss you HOOCH!!!
You sexy mother F**ker… :cheers

Ok it’s a Marijuana competition and you all are the judges. That felt good after all these years to just fess up and say what the F**k we are really doing!! :burn

LOL!!! :medal So funny :medal


May the best bud win.

Feels good to come out of the closet, huh AJ? w00t!! See you soon! :cheers

:thumbsup I’ll be happy to work FOH again and assist Hooch with his various activities. I will stand upwind however, the second hand smoke put me under last time :eek.


Thanks Jerry, I will bring sorbet to clean our pallet before the next round of flavors… :wink:
Bevin, So excited!!! we are free!! almost lol :lol

See you at the CUP!!!

This will be one for the ages for sure. I can’t wait to celebrate progress!

AJ, are we still going to enforce the “pants optional” dress code we had last year? Just curious.

The Cup, then Rumballs. Pants will definately be optional.

Pants are optional as always!