2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival - What NEW Acts would you HATE to see perform?

I need to make sure that the guys who sing “What Does the Fox Say?” aren’t booked. Cuz if I hear that song, I’ll be humming it for two days and probably go postal.

No Miley Cyrus.

No LMFAO. We already know how to party rock…

Any rap music

No opera please!

If the New Acts’ set list includes the theme song to old TV show “I Dream of Jeannie” :huh
For some unknown reason it’s been stuck between my ears for the last 3 days.
Maybe its the Ying-Yang effect of listening to Willie’s new album “To all the girls” for the last 2weeks :lol :cheers :thumbsup


:huh :huh are you kidding, with a backdrop like Tride my Grandmother could rock the house. Music and nature, how can anyone sound wrong.

Bubble gum Bluegrass :wink:

Not to be that guy, but I really wouldn’t want Mumford and Sons or a band like The Lumineers to be at T-ride next year. I would rather the festival give the spot to a better band overall, an actual bluegrass band, or let it showcase some smaller acts… That’s just me though.

Hologram Tupac!

Snoop Lion.

Imagine Dragons.

Anyone featured on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Ugh, that parade was painful to watch… So I only did for a few minutes. I have to say, and very respectfully, because I love her music, voice and her band, AKUS is not someone that should take up a headliner spot, unless she does a different show. Too predictable, been there done that have that T- shirt. So if you were not going to have one of the regulars back, she would be the one I could miss.

I want Mumford to make up for last year. They are amazing live and their lyrics are incredible. Dispatch was alright, never saw them before and don’t really listen to them, but they just didn’t make sense as a headliner, especially @TBG. A headliner should be something people really anticipate, it’s the climax of the night.

Maybe the headliner should be so secret and make us anticipate that it shouldn’t be announced until they go on? That’d be epic

CJ and the bear