2012 Questions

Are we allowed to bring backpacks into the concert bowl?

Yes. Here is a more complete list of guidelines. http://www.bluegrass.com/telluride/rules.html

Ah! Should have looked there first I suppose. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!

First timer here…

So if we didn’t get Town Park passes, what is the nest best camp site? Is Mary worth the distance? Are there other live acts and entertainment downtown while Telluride is going? So many questions…

Thanks in advance

if you don’t get into town park there are options! Werner field is right next to town park, the high school is great, but no fires and no loudness as it is the family campground. then there are lawson hill and mary E, both have shuttles and are a lot of fun. I recommend mary e.

Warner Field is the closest to the FESTIVVVAAALLL!!!

The High School is a quiet place for families. Standard school rules apply… meaning… booze free zone. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Do you know if you can buy more than 4 tickets at a time? Like 6 perhaps? Just fronting some friends till they get some money in their pockets, and dont want them to miss out on the festival!

Yes, you can purchase up to 8 tickets for the regular 4-day passes. Go get em! :thumbsup

I am shut out, cart was full and you just do not want my money.

Yep 4 times my cart is full I want to check out and server cannot be found and i am at square 1 again. I love you guys don’t leave me behind… :flower

I hear ya Landshark! Me too and I’m starting to get worried!

I had the server disconnect at least 8 times at checkout. It’s the worst…especially since I had a work emergency at the same time. Then once I typed my CC # wrong and it actually went processed and said bad CC :huh

But I got my Warners…finally. Wooohoooo! :cheers

Did Holiday Tickets sell out already? I just logged on and its says sold out?? But its just been a few hours?? Or is TBF having computer problems?

Help - anyone -

It took us 40 minutes before I was able to checkout, the servers were way too busy and everyone was getting timeouts. If you were patient, you should have been lucky enough to score your tickets. I did not like how they had a maximum of 8 tickets per order. That type of thing is a white flag for scalpers.

Luckily we got 2 tickets for Mary E Ilium and a vehicle pass. So if anyone else is camping in Mary, let us know!


The Holiday priced tickets did indeed sell out, but there are still plenty of advance priced 4 day passes for sale on the website for $195. There’s also still plenty of great camping for sale. I spent my first two TBFs in Illium and it’s a fine, fun camp ground. Plenty of picking around the camp fire. In fact, it’s the only campground where you will find picking around a camp fire as the others don’t allow for fires.

Is this the fastest TBF has sold out on Holiday Priced tickets?? I always buy them the first day, but I guess I wasn’t quick enough.

I recall them being available throughout December most years. This is faster than I’ve ever seen, granted that’s only 4 years of experience.

Me thinks it’s time that Warner Field tickets go via a lottery, too. The frustration of the computer ticketing is really horrible - just when you think you’ve won, you’re back at square one. It’s like being in a game of Chutes and Ladders…with no ladders, just chutes.


:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol I almost fell out of my chair!!! I do know where this came from. LOVE IT!!! :lol :medal

I don’t know if the lotto is the answer, maybe if we just keep out that infamous scalper, Pizza the Hutt, everything will be fine! :lol

Oh no, this thread…I think she’s gone from suck to blow!