2012 Photos and Video (Updated with all 48 videos)

I was looking at the photos posted here by tbacon and it made me decide to put all my images together as well.

Click on the Pictures & Video tab, you can do a slideshow of the pictures or click on any thumbnails that look interesting. I originally took these only for myself but after looking over them many times I decided to share with you all. I took mostly pictures of the shows, but a few landmarks and festivarians made it in. I put a few details in on the pictures I felt needed a comment.

EDIT:All of the videos are up on YouTube since they allow my videos to be viewed in HD.

Thanks Mon, great pics and memories… :cheers

NICE!!! :thumbsup Thank You for sharing!!! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

great pics, thanks. this will be my first tbf after wanting to go for years now. finally scored tp tix and these pics just got me a whole lot more stoked for it.

Thanks so much for sharing these.


Does anyone know where I can post the rest of my videos I took?

Why not youtube.com? :thumbsup

I’ve got some there. http://www.youtube.com/telluridetom

Youtube takes a long time on HD videos, but I got all of them uploaded between the 10 I put on shutterfly and the 38 I have up on VideoBam. I have started putting some videos up on Youtube.

All video links were attached to the original post.

Edit: I found a place with better internet, so the HD youtube versions are out now :thumbsup

More importantly, imho, is when does TTom’s countdown clock to TBF-XXXX start running? I know I’m ready :drive and waiting to know officially… How long to FortyFestivaaaaal! :festival :abduct


:cheers to you for sharing pics and vids, thanks! :thumbsup

Oops! I totally forgot about updating my countdown. I normally do it a month or two after Telluride.

Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get right on that. :thumbsup

update -->(Actually, I did update it back in July but it’s not working for some reason)
I’m wondering if it’s being caused by the recent java update, cause none of my browsers show it.
I’ve got a trouble ticket in to my domain host. :thumbsup

I am getting more excited for the Festival every video I watch